inkwell's @hermanlejter and team will be showing their game The Bottom Line at Intel's Game Expo at GDC this year

check out their playable demo on the expo floor 👨‍🏭 🏭 💰

inkwell is hosting a game night featuring games by trans creators

it's not technically open to the public. But hit me up if you'd like more information

mary sues aren’t real

men can be OP and survive anything and win everything and no one cares

let women be the same way

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

genius: I have an idea about a tv show that deconstructs masculinity

audiences: the male protagonist is great i relate to and idealize his terrible behavior


If you allow your website users to delete their account and don't really delete their data, maybe don't allow a registration with the same e-mail address to inherit the old user data – *and if you do* maybe don't let them access anything before they confirm their e-mail address.

'Cause I was just shown a website that lets you access all the user data if you know the e-mail address used to register an account that was deleted in the meantime.
And we figured this out in a matter of minutes.


I find most speculative discourse on AI really bothersome.

"but what if we create a machine and it doesn't value things that are good for people?"

we already created machines that don't value things that are good for people. They are called corporations, families, and states, and most of the people using that kind of rhetoric are active supporters of them

lol at twitter calling itself a social "network"

it's only got one instance

Accessibility should be up there with the most important things everyone considers all the time.

Not just relegated to an afterthought or worse, treated as inconvenience.

Make everything accessible to both bodies and minds of all shapes, sizes, kinds, abilities. All the time. Forever.

If there's a way to make something more accessible, do it. If a space is inaccessible, rearrange it.

Accessibility is always important and more of it is *never* a bad thing.

Getting into InfoSec is like looking under the hood of a car for the first time and expecting to see an engine but finding chickens on treadmills and a guy making "vroom" noises whilst posting disparaging remarks about women on Twitter.

Next sprint is all about performance. I'll probably play nethack while removing all those sleep(5000) I added to my code over the months.

inkwell will be at Boston FIG Talks & Learns in February

...and by "inkwell" i mean me. I'll be there both days -- say 'hi' if you see me 👋 😇

The inkwell open house is happening in one week, Jan 29th at 3:30pm. We're featuring a brief round of presentations from key stakeholders, as well as hands-on demonstrations of a number of studio projects.

It's not technically open to the public. But hit me up if you'd like more information.

inkwell is going to GDC and PAX East in March 🌐

hit me up if you want to connect at GDC 🚀

for PAX East we'll have a whole big booth with games and projects to demo. Check us out on the expo floor 🎪

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